Hello we are Rob and Amy, welcome to our website where you will come across a broad spectrum of tips on how to raise your children properly. Childhood is perhaps one of the most important stages in the development of an individual and it is therefore imperative that we settle for the appropriate parenting strategies to ensure steady development. In fact, many psychologists and other relevant experts believe the parenting in the early stages of life plays an important role in the one`s success and happiness in life. However, since everyone has unique personalities, life experiences and cultural backgrounds, having some insight into some of the proven parenting strategies can have its inherent benefits.

We as a couple have known each other since we were in eighth grade and our relationship has been growing stronger ever since. We both chose to pursue a career in pedagogy since we have similar interests and passions in life. Besides that, we have also been married for well over 2 years now and our families are now closer than ever. For us, providing others with value is more of a calling than a career since its simply what we enjoy doing; and that is to see people raising their children to responsible individual in the future who can make a change for the better good of others. This not only involves education, but it also involves teaching them the benefits of having values in life.

Our website is packed with valuable information that shed light on the relevant information required for your unique parenting regime. We know that becoming a parent is an important stage in life not only for you but for your partner as well. For this reason, we take the time to customize our information pieces to ensure that our readers receive the ideal value for visiting the website. The immense experience we have accumulated over the years in Pedagogy allows us to provide our readers with cutting edge content each time.